I need someone..

Who knows me from deep within, who knows all my crooks and holes, my hobbies and phobias, likes and dislikes. All the special things only I do. All the small passwords in my mind. All my perfect fantasies. All the little, tiny things about me I’m not even aware of.

Someone who strives to make my wishes come true. Who cares and worries about me. Who leads me to good ways and at the same time follows my preferences. Someone who reassures me of love everyday, never makes me doubt or hurt me intentionally.

For he would be my prince charming. my other half. my soulmate. and I would love him forever and ever… I will never let him go. Never think about being with someone else. Never stop wishing to be with him everyday. And then I would know, only God could have paired us. Only God would have made us perfect for each other.




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