When Virtue Becomes Vice

When virtue becomes vice.  – A must read.


The nature of a virtue is that a vice is almost always hidden inside.

In the newest view of personality, our traits are no longer seen as binary—you are either conscientious or you’re not—but as dimensional, existing on a continuum. Not only does each characteristic fall on a spectrum, each holds the grain of its own destruction: Organized becomes obsessive. Daring escalates to risky. Modest slips to insecure. Confident turns to arrogant, cautious to anxious, persuasive to domineering, friendly to ingratiating.

The seven deadly sins might very well have started out as ambition, relaxation, awareness of one’s good work, righteous anger, a healthy sexuality, and enjoying a good meal. It’s all a matter of degree.


Can’t defeat the curiosity of the psychologist in me 🙂



6 thoughts on “When Virtue Becomes Vice

    • In my perspective, before you become envious of something, you already had another thing you were contented with. And then, you find something better, you become ‘envious’ of the person who has this ‘better something.’ When you finally get that thing you were envious of, here comes another something that’s better. Its really a vicious cycle and its a human nature we sometimes indulge in. 🙂


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