Renz’s Birth-Date

I chose the title ‘Birthdate,’ because it was a date meant for his birthday last Sept. 2. But this date was rescheduled so many times, I didn’t think it would finally pull through. The thing is, I didn’t even expect to wake up early. It was a rainy sunday morning and all I could think of is how I could get away with more sleep. To my surprise, Renz called. He’s already on the way to fetch me. Fudge. I’m running late.

Photo 9-8-13, 11 10 03 AM

This is me debuting my new hair color – which I hate. >:) I’m totally going to change it next week. (excuse the face, had to do make up in the car! lol)

I quickly jumped out of bed, took a shower and got dressed. 20 mins later, he’s on my doorstep. We had to hurry out because we had to be at the place for lunch at 11am.


So for our first agenda, Renz’s favorite BUFFET place: Vikings Buffet Restaurant. This is the second time we’ve been to Vikings and at both times, it was Renz who insisted. At first, I really didn’t want to because it’s really costly to eat here during the weekends compared to its weekday prices plus, I’m sure I won’t be able to eat as much as I want because of my recent diet. But when it comes to food, with Renz, it’s always the best. Afterwards, I knew our money was well spent. In fact, I’m going to write a review about it so I won’t have to post here all our food pictures.

Photo 9-8-13, 11 50 23 AM

Salmon and tuna sashimi, sushi variety and some baked cheesy oyster. YUM! :p

Photo 9-8-13, 11 50 39 AM

Candid photo of Renz pouring some miso soup. 🙂

More about Vikings luxurious and extravagant choices of food here.

Photo 9-8-13, 11 14 09 AM

The mandatory couple’s picture for our date. ❤

Two and half hours later, we were so full it was hard to stand up without getting dizzy. With these kinds of buffet, you had to at least try a morsel of everything before you leave. We left SM and went to Trinoma. We walked around so we can help our stomachs digest our lunch. So we went shopping, I bought some makeup brushes while Renz led me to his favorite shoe stores again. The boy has a penchant for shoes and is always trying to look for great ones to add to his collection. While shopping, we ran into some of his relatives. I met his uncle and some cousins from his mom’s side. We said ‘hi’ and they joked about how I seemed to look like a different girl from whom they have seen before (lol different hair color). I love this part because I seem to be having a surge of ‘meeting his relatives’ this month. All of a sudden, I am meeting them all one by one. I guess this is lucky for me. I would know some people when Renz brings me to this major family event next month.

Photo 9-8-13, 10 49 57 PM

We’re a couple, these are the inescapable things we do. Sue us. 🙂

After a while, we still had hours to kill before our movie starts. We went grocery shopping and bought nothing. HAHA. I almost bought a pint of Arce Dairy Green Tea ice cream but thought of it otherwise. I just had this craving for something green tea flavored so we went up to our favorite yogurt place, Red Mango.

Photo 9-8-13, 8 57 58 PM

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

We chose to watch The Mortal Instruments because I have read the book before. I knew it was an exciting read at first, but then it got boring further down the road. I don’t remember why, but it was the reason I didn’t buy the next books in the series. After watching the movie, I remembered. I don’t want to cause major spoilers, so don’t read the next line! – it’s because the leads are actually brother-sister! Ok, it’s not yet confirmed by the end of the movie, but that totally led me NOT to buy the next books. In other non-content related news, the movie was great. The effects were nice and the story was not boring at all. But there is no denying you have to read the books sometime to get the total gist of everything that’s happening in it. The movie ran for more than two hours, by the way. I loved Lily Collins’ hair though! Red is totally in this year.

Photo 9-8-13, 8 58 37 PM

Grandparent’s Day free photo booth pictures!

Lastly before we left, we passed by an event hosted by Trinoma for Grandparent’s Day. They have this big free movie screening and free medical check ups and free food (I didn’t ask) available for the elderly and the senior citizens. What do you know, they also have free photo booth sessions open for the public! When we asked, there wasn’t a line at all and only the personnel were taking advantage of the free shots. I dragged Renz into it (he’s always reluctant for these things) and we got one souvenir. Yay!

I wrote a blog post about this day because I want this to be glued in my memory as long as possible. This is one of those dates that are really memorable to me. We haven’t had a real date for the longest time and I’m glad we finally had one today. We talked a lot about meaningful things and got into a lot of first. Like for one, when we were already in the car and was driving out of the mall, we saw the long lines of people waiting for cabs and looking for other ways to commute home. That used to be us. Oh how I wished for this day to finally come, and when it did, I’m glad we appreciated the little things. It was a perfect date. Nothing went wrong and we were both beaming by the end of it. As of this post, I’m still happy about it and so is Renz. In the end, I regretted nothing about the day and it could not have gone more amazingly.

Hoping for more times like these,

Patricia :*

P.S. Last picture for this post! I collect receipts for future and memory purposes. Some people collect stamps, I collect receipts. Weird right? lol 😀

Photo 9-9-13, 12 46 16 AM

Valet, Vikings, Laundry Receipts

Valet parking because we were running late, Vikings receipt, and the laundry receipt when we dropped Momo, the huge stuffed toy, he gave me to the dry cleaners before he drove me home. 🙂


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