Vikings SM North Edsa – Review

For Renz’s birthday, we went to Vikings last Sunday, Sept. 8, to celebrate it. As I had promised, here is the review of our experience at Vikings SM North Edsa. 

The first time we visited Vikings was when it was still brand new and its only branch was located near MOA. During that time, I made sure to make reservations because I heard of the long lines ‘walk-in’ people had to endure. But this time around, I didn’t have enough time because I wasn’t even sure we were going in the first place. It was exactly 11am when we arrived, and we were already number 30 on the waiting list (for the walk-ins) to be seated. When they opened the place, the people with reservations went in first and the walk-ins followed after. It wasn’t such a long wait, about 10 mins or so, and our number was called. What’s important here is, you have to be THERE when they call you or else your number will be forfeited and you’ll have to go back to the last of the line again.


Another thing is, I’m not sure about this though, but it’s noteworthy to arrive in big groups. You will certainly get the best seats in the house. I’ve been to Vikings twice and at both times, I only had Renz for company. So two people means, you only get the small table and two chairs. Now this isn’t that much of a big deal, except all their tables reserved for only two people are either in the back of the restaurant or some far away place from the buffet stations. The walk you’ll have to do back and forth ALL the food stations is long enough that you’ll have to start picking at your plate of food before you even get to your seat. It’s a really big place and they totally made sure they get the value of the whole place.

On to the food!

Mah first plate of food!

My first plate of food!

Immediately after being seated, we grabbed plates and started to fill them with food. Now with so many selections, I always have a motto for these buffets. That is: 1) to only fill my stomach with those I haven’t tried before and to only try a morsel of it. 2) DON’T try to get what you’re already used to. and 3) Get some of your MOST favorites, but only SOME. So here, my favorites include the okonomiyaki, ebi tempura and onion rings (which wasn’t that great). The other things, I haven’t tried before. I don’t remember all their names though, I was busy browsing through more than 10 buffet stations to keep up.

2nd plate of yumminess.

2nd plate of yumminess.

Anyone who knows me will know that I have always been a sucker for salmon sashimi. And anyone who knows Renz will know he is a sucker for steak. I had about 2 plates of salmon sashimi and I think that made the buffet price worth it already. HAHA. But Renz had more than 2 plates of these steaks. The grilling station had one of the longest lines because they cook it for you while you wait. I like my steaks cooked medium-rare and Renz’s likes it medium-well. The best they had to offer was ribeyes and australian beefs of some kind. Delectables found in this plate are: Calamares, lasagna, salmon and ika sashimi, steaks and different kinds of sauce offered for it.

Japanese Cuisine for me!

Japanese cuisine for me!

The best cuisine suited for my taste buds has always been Japanese. I don’t know why but when it comes to buffets, I always make a beeline for the sushi and the sashimi. Of course, I only tried those that looked different to me and those I haven’t taste-tested before. So you won’t find any california maki here, no sir. Since I’m chinese and I usually eat at chinese restaurants, I never made it to the chinese food section. I didn’t taste any of the dim sum or any of that sweet and sour pork. They are too common for my tongue. But Renz had some of the hakaws (shrimp dumplings) and said they were delicious. So try them! The baked oysters are located in the most far away station from our table but I made sure to get some. I actually had to wait for the waiters to bring out some more, because as soon as a new batch arrives, its gone in a minute. So when you visit, make sure to try them too. They aren’t that great in texture actually, I even felt some tiny rocks in them, but they do taste great in terms of the ‘cheesiness.’

Cool isn't it?

Cool isn’t it?



They had a food station for soup and offered a variety of it. It’s for request and they will bring the whole pot to your table. Unfortunately for us, our table was small and this cool thing had to be placed at the edge of it. But nonetheless, I found this to be very convenient. This way the soup can be kept boiling while it cooks and when we didn’t want to finish it all in one sitting, it’s still piping hot. Renz and I are suckers for sukiyakis, too. 😀

Photo 9-8-13, 1 16 50 PM

Desserts – plate of heaven sweetness

As I said before, don’t try something ordinary. So no fruity desserts for me or chocolate mousse. Go for the gold and those that looks appetizing for your palette. I’m in love with anything red velvet as you can see. So here are some red velvet crinkles (NOT recommended), a small slice of red velvet cake (RECOMMENDED), the famous cronuts and a small slice of white fudge cake. I loved their red velvet cake, I even had to go back for seconds. But it was the cronuts that Renz fell in love with. I think he had six of those bite size half croissants and half donuts. The white fudge cake was alright.

Photo 9-8-13, 1 16 59 PM

Green and Blue 😉

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the green colored ice cream was NOT green tea. I really thought it was matcha green tea flavored. It was avocado all along. But it was alright, I can really taste the avocado in it. The blue colored one is bubblegum flavored. The waiter didn’t asked me if I wanted them in separate bowls, he just dumped two scoops of each when I told him I wanted the green one and the blue one. Weirdly, they tasted great together! Don’t forget to try these desserts too!

All in all, we had a great time at Vikings SM North Edsa. Except for a few pointers here and there, the experience is almost the same as the one in MOA. Well, the one in MOA is bigger and offers more variety of food. But what I love here is that this branch is nearer to us and its inside the mall. That way, you don’t have to wait outside the venue, unlike the one in MOA (especially when it’s really hot outside).

By the way, prices ~ prices 🙂


Thanks for reading,

Patricia :*


6 thoughts on “Vikings SM North Edsa – Review

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    • Thank you, Micheal! They made me hungry while I was writing the post too! The strategy really works, this way you get more out of a buffet. 🙂


  2. Good advise regarding going there in groups. Nice-looking salmon sashimi and oysters. I’ve been looking for good cronuts: thanks for the info. I hope they have these in their MOA and Marikina branches.


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