Art and Science

artscienceI’ve always thought of myself as someone who was an art person. I’ve always considered myself an artistic person since I love creative writing. I would always make the choice of effortlessly typing my thoughts rather than memorizing a thousand Embryology terms for my free time. If I was to compare the two, I would always choose art. I’d say science is too hard, even if I’m a science student. Even if I dream of becoming a doctor someday, I’d still choose art any time of the day.

Well, that was before. Today is different. I’m taking this humanities art class at the University and my professor just asked me to describe what is art to me. My mind drew a complete blank. I discovered I knew nothing about art. I can’t draw, paint or design anything to save my life. I knew it was about expressing your thoughts and feelings and….is that it? Art is foreign to me. It’s like a language I knew about but never learned to understand.

So I regressed back to my science roots. This is my zone. I knew all about the different aspects of science, especially psychology and biology. I could explain the mechanism of the basic human functions in a heartbeat. I could tell you in a minute why that thing you’re about to eat is definitely good or not good for you. I could say why you’re feeling that way about a certain somehow and how it could have come from your mind and is now somatically affecting your physiological being. I learned how science has smeared itself on me.  I realized science was my foothold. It is hard. But it is something evident and I can understand.

Maybe, I could still combine art and science. I mean, the only thing that’s keeping me from going crazy from all the scientific terms I have to study is that I could still write my thoughts down on the back of my notebook. The only thing that helps me plan and think is my paper and pen. But don’t get me wrong. That’s the only artistic bone I have in me. I can’t draw ever since I was 5. My drawing/painting skills have stopped improving ever since kindergarten. If my professor asks us to draw something and finds a 5-year-old drawing in there, that’s probably mine.

Thanks for reading!

Patricia :*


3 thoughts on “Art and Science

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  2. Dear Patricia,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for reading my blog and mentioning me on your post, I really appreciate it. I am still trying to make a presence as an artist in the cyber world, but I am useless advertising myself, so any little thing helps, ‘thank you’ so much.
    Secondly, I wanted to say that I believe you can draw and paint, but you keep suppressing your ‘Artistic Patricia’ by assuming you are not able to do so… I feel you are an Artist at heart, specially when you think and are driven to ‘art’ ever so often..
    Lastly, please Patricia, allow your ‘Artist-Within’ express herself, maybe give her the chance while you are writing by letting your hand doodling (I.e.spirals, five petal flower, lines, dots, circles…anything you are driven to!) between those lovely words you write?… You maybe surprised where this may take you..
    Love and light for ever and the day after..


    • Wow, thanks for reading my post too! I’m sorry this was such a late reply, I took a little hiatus from blogging to do my thesis. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my post. I do believe you’re right, I am suppressing my artistic side… maybe if I allow myself to think outside the box more often, I might regain my creativity again. Thank you so much! 😉

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