Spa Day with Yanna and Nami

2nd dayAs per my plan for this week’s birthday celebration, I was supposed to treat them to Ace Water Spa for my birthday. But due to some conflicting schedule with Nami, that didn’t went through. Instead, we decided to use our coupons we bought last summer to go Mont Albo Spa in Pedro Gil. We got the coupon for P250 pesos and it includes a 75-min massage with some great oils. When we got there we were offered the bentosa package that would go great with our treatment for only an additional of +P80. The spa was beautiful and for such a good bargain, we really got to relax and unwind. We were placed in a room that felt like we were getting massage by the beach with its indoor interior looking like nipa huts. I fell asleep for quite sometime too. They have good masseuse and wonderful ambiance. 


After that, we went to look for a place to eat. Right beside the massage place was Ersao. Nami and Yanna haven’t tried Ersao before so I gladly introduce them to the snack place I’ve known since I was in Grade 3. Fortunately, they liked it very much! They tried the spicy chicken, squid and the fried tofu. For drinks, they had the ripe mango shake and the pearl milk tea. I heard they’re actually going to open up a branch near DLSU. I hope that comes soon enough and before I graduate!


All in all, I had a great time with my college friends. I couldn’t have ask for anything else with the time I spend with them. We started being close with each other just last summer and it has been going great ever since. Plus, they are my thesismates and the best friends one would hope for in their last year of college. 🙂

Photo 9-19-13, 10 17 14 AM

From left: Me, Nami and Yanna ❤

Photo 9-19-13, 10 18 53 AM

From top then left: Yanna, Me and Nami ❤


Thanks for reading!

Patricia :*


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