Write Yourself Out There

Just feeling excited and a bit triumphant here 🙂

I have managed to change my theme’s header, my About me page’s header, and my display image all in one day! That’s completing a photo shoot, editing the pictures, and cropping endlessly (because of my theme’s preferred pixel sizes) in just about 12 hours! Usually, it would take like 3 days because of my amateurish skills. So in honor of my new photographs, I made this post. Hope you approve of them as much as I do!  ❤

My display image...after like a billion shots ;)

My display image…after like a billion shots 😉

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

Well, this is for the About Me page...so forgive and forget? :)

Well, this IS for the About Me page…so forgive and forget? 🙂


Oh, and just for the sake of it, I will explain my new blog name. My blog’s title is a twist on the cliché phrase “put yourself out there.” As it happens, I tackle a lot of things and try to grab a lot of chances in my life. All, except in the writing department. Even if I have loved creative writing my whole life, there was always something stopping me to keep working on it. Even if I really want nothing but to write my ideas into words, I keep it all inside until I forget about it. But keeping it inside, hurts. It really does. But as it turns out, it was my belief system that was making me procrastinate. This article really rings true. (The Real Reason Why You Can’t Write).

On this account, I am/will try to “write myself out there.” I am going to take risks in writing I have never done before. I am going to chase that dream one step at a time. I am going to sit here and drink coffee and type everything I want to put into words.

I. am. going. to. write.


Thanks for reading,

Patricia :*

P.S. I hope this kind of inspires you to chase your dreams too! ❤


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