Third Tuesday Tales: My lifeline


The book she was holding 😉

Today is my last first day in school. I touched the top of the railing gliding my hand over it. It felt cold and wet with some morning dew. I look around in the hallways. It’s still early. Fifteen more minutes till the bell rings. But my fellow students are starting to arrive. Yawning, talking to one another, and walking in pairs. I feel like a sore thumb, all alone overlooking the soccer fields. I wonder what will happen if I jump? Will they call me 5th floor Jumper instead of Perfect Know-It-All ?

I sighed to myself. My last first day in school. I should be happy. Should I not be? At least, it’s just one more year of being alone. One more year of being judged. One more year of falling down and standing up. I should be happy. This is the beginning of the end. Even though, I still can’t feel it that much. I know I will miss this miserable feeling, years from now. They say college is hard. I will cherish my memories in high school. I will cherish the easy going life I had. But the only memories I know I will cherish involves him.

I look at my watch. It’s exactly eight minutes till bell time. He is rarely late. He will be rounding the corner to my left in…3…2…1. Bingo. Butterflies jump from my stomach to my heart. He’s here. Like the hands of a clock, I turned around and opened the book I had in my hand. Opened it somewhere in the middle and pretended I’m studying. I looked up a little and find that he is smiling as he approaches. I smiled too. At least he didn’t bring a girl this time. He brought Bob with him. I can deal with Bob. I can totally be friends with Bob. With an IQ of a shrimp, I can make him turn like the palms of my hand.

He is nearly in front of me. Still talking to Bob. Which annoys me. But I can deal with that. He will be near me soon. My prince charming. God, I hope he notices. Notice my book, my clothes, my hair! As my palm starts sweating and my heart skipping every other beat, I drowned my head into my book. I know he knows I’m pretending. This was a stupid idea! I shouldn’t have brought this with me out here! I should’ve left it in class.

Then I looked up again, he was gone. He passed by me. I can see him to my left. His beautiful head on his arched back and walking in long strides. I know what he looks like from the back even with my eyes closed.

But I am in heaven. He passed by me and I smelled his wonderful perfume. I heard his melodious laughter up close! There was only at least 5 inches separating us! This truly is the best last first day of my life.



My 1st Third Tuesday Tales, as promised, I’m having weekly and monthly features on my blog 🙂

This is just a try out, I’ve been wanting to write this story down (the whole book) since high school but I never got around to it. I love the plot line, the characters and the events. Its all swirling around in my head actually.  So I’m glad at least 0.005% got written today! I had to keep it under 500 words though, have a busy schedule this week. But I’ll try to make a longer Third Tuesday Tale next month 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

P.S. Reviews are welcome! 🙂


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