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Patricia Sy created this WordPress blog because she is addicted to writing. To better explain, this is an excerpt from her diary:

“Writing helps me breathe. It’s my oxygen. Writing is the only reason I could let my swirling thoughts out of my head. I used to be this complex person inside and out. I didn’t have a goal, or a clean room (for that matter). I was struggling, until I nearly stopped functioning. But writing helped me. I knew that if I write it down first, then I would follow through. I love writing. It became my drug. It has become more essential than sleeping. It hurts when I go days without writing. So I write, whether I produce a meaningful piece or its straight to the wastebasket, it doesn’t matter. As long as I’m writing, I feel fulfilled. Because writing is what’s keeping me alive.”

Patricia Sy is a 20-year-old pre med/writer student living in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is currently taking up her pre med studies in Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Psychology at DLSU-M. She wishes to become a doctor someday. But for now, blogging about her dreams will do.

Patricia writes about what she thinks is worth writing about. Whether it be about an insightful experience or a blogging activity or some play or restaurant she went to. She is at that place where her choices will dictate who she will become and wants to document the better experiences.

She ❤ s anything green tea flavored, sashimis and steaks (a versatile palate), and her favorite hobby, aside from reading and writing, is walking.

To those who can really relate to her every other day musings,

To those who are interested in her posts and smiled at them,

And to those who will comment, hello! She wants to be your friend!

Message her anytime! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Patricia

  1. I hope you don’t mind a Follower here and on Twitter. Your diary entry could be mine. Writing is my therapy in many ways and allows me to function most of my days.


    • I don’t mind! Actually, thanks! I’m so glad you were able to connect to what I was saying. Speaking from the heart, writing serves as my therapy as well. It is my oxygen because I can’t wake up properly or sleep at night without writing at least one paragraph a day. 🙂


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