Thursday Confessions: What it feels like to have a Surreal Achievement

Imagine yourself at your high school graduation. Are you the valedictorian or the salutatorian, making the big speech in front? Or are you the student council president, standing beside the president of your school, giving out the diplomas? Because I wasn’t anyone of them. All I did was sit there, listen to the speakers and pace a 3 minute walk on stage to receive my diploma. Listening to all these achievers, I thought to myself, “Why am I not one of them?” Why didn’t I do as well as them? And then the crashing re-evaluation of my life started. What had I ever achieved? What had I ever learned? Nothing. Nothing to be proud of. I was just one of the many average, good for “something” (I don’t know what) girl. While about a quarter of my graduating batch-mates are having medal upon medal placed on the neck, the only thing I got was a loyalty award. Meaning, “Hey, I started and finished high school here. Woohoo.”

From that moment on, I vowed to myself the next time I stand on a commencement stage and receive a diploma, I will have a medal I could be proud of. College would lead me to that point. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Habits die hard and I started college with nothing like a bang. I just went with it. Did what I’m told. Kept a low profile. I tried to get myself out of the ditch once and work hard, but I just can’t muster up an achievement that I can really say I’m proud of. I’m in the field of psychology, and I love psychology. It should be just a matter of hard work, time and most especially, luck. Boy, do I need lady luck on my side.

In one of my new classes today, we introduced ourselves and stated a key achievement received since starting college. Guess what, I couldn’t think of any! What kind of pathetic loser am I? I asked myself. 4th year in college and still no key achievements? I didn’t want to say something like, “passing my subjects, or getting into a university.” It’s not the prestigious achievement I vowed to myself all those years ago. I want something I worked hard for, really gave my all with no questions asked.

Then I remembered the email I received last week. Does that count as an achievement? I don’t feel like it does. Does it?  Even after all my stance on achieving something significant, I didn’t realize that this was definitely one of it. 


Flying to CDO in August to present our paper to the convention 🙂

It had felt surreal. My mind still won’t accept it. I still feel like I’m dreaming it. One moment, my thesis mates and I were arduously writing our thesis day in and day out. Then the next, we were hand chosen by the chairperson of the Department of Psychology. We were to submit our paper to the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) for a review. 2 months later, I received this email.

For the first time in my life, a true achievement. For something heavily invested with late nights, sweat, and tears. Finally, things turned out for the better. I have achieved one for the books. 🙂

I know this wasn’t what I promised to myself. This paper was a collaborative work. But each and every one of us gave it our all. That’s why I’m so proud of this. We put our minds and hearts into this and our work was recognized.

I just want to let myself recognize this too. I want to believe in myself that I am capable. If there is hard work and luck involved, then endless possibilities can be achieved.

Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

P.S. Changed “Thursday Secrets to Thursday Confessions.” It just felt more right 🙂


Third Tuesday Tales: My lifeline


The book she was holding 😉

Today is my last first day in school. I touched the top of the railing gliding my hand over it. It felt cold and wet with some morning dew. I look around in the hallways. It’s still early. Fifteen more minutes till the bell rings. But my fellow students are starting to arrive. Yawning, talking to one another, and walking in pairs. I feel like a sore thumb, all alone overlooking the soccer fields. I wonder what will happen if I jump? Will they call me 5th floor Jumper instead of Perfect Know-It-All ?

I sighed to myself. My last first day in school. I should be happy. Should I not be? At least, it’s just one more year of being alone. One more year of being judged. One more year of falling down and standing up. I should be happy. This is the beginning of the end. Even though, I still can’t feel it that much. I know I will miss this miserable feeling, years from now. They say college is hard. I will cherish my memories in high school. I will cherish the easy going life I had. But the only memories I know I will cherish involves him.

I look at my watch. It’s exactly eight minutes till bell time. He is rarely late. He will be rounding the corner to my left in…3…2…1. Bingo. Butterflies jump from my stomach to my heart. He’s here. Like the hands of a clock, I turned around and opened the book I had in my hand. Opened it somewhere in the middle and pretended I’m studying. I looked up a little and find that he is smiling as he approaches. I smiled too. At least he didn’t bring a girl this time. He brought Bob with him. I can deal with Bob. I can totally be friends with Bob. With an IQ of a shrimp, I can make him turn like the palms of my hand.

He is nearly in front of me. Still talking to Bob. Which annoys me. But I can deal with that. He will be near me soon. My prince charming. God, I hope he notices. Notice my book, my clothes, my hair! As my palm starts sweating and my heart skipping every other beat, I drowned my head into my book. I know he knows I’m pretending. This was a stupid idea! I shouldn’t have brought this with me out here! I should’ve left it in class.

Then I looked up again, he was gone. He passed by me. I can see him to my left. His beautiful head on his arched back and walking in long strides. I know what he looks like from the back even with my eyes closed.

But I am in heaven. He passed by me and I smelled his wonderful perfume. I heard his melodious laughter up close! There was only at least 5 inches separating us! This truly is the best last first day of my life.



My 1st Third Tuesday Tales, as promised, I’m having weekly and monthly features on my blog 🙂

This is just a try out, I’ve been wanting to write this story down (the whole book) since high school but I never got around to it. I love the plot line, the characters and the events. Its all swirling around in my head actually.  So I’m glad at least 0.005% got written today! I had to keep it under 500 words though, have a busy schedule this week. But I’ll try to make a longer Third Tuesday Tale next month 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

P.S. Reviews are welcome! 🙂

The ‘need’ to write

Sunday Summary of Food Reviews and Spring Cleaning Blogs.

I’ve hope to make a mark on a good comeback. This week, I have unlocked a new achievement as I have posted 5 times, more than I have ever did (in a week) since I started this blog. And for me, that’s a BIG step towards my goal of “writing myself out there.”

Last Monday, I began my comeback with a review of the pizza chain, Project Pie, and its innovative way of serving customers something new and different with every order. Check it out to find out how!

Mine <3. I came prepared and had all the toppings I wanted. But I was kind of shy to ask for more because the long line is a pressure to bear with. You have to say everything fast and concise when you have about 20 more people behind you, waiting in line.

Mine <3. I came prepared and had all the toppings I wanted. But I was kind of shy to ask for more because the long line is a pressure to bear with. You have to say everything fast and concise when you have about 20 more people behind you, waiting in line.

2 days later, I reviewed Ajisen Ramen, my first take into the domain of the ramen-addicts, and it turned out really gooood. I wonder if this sudden urge of mine to try as many ramen houses is good for my health?

Chashu ramen P305. Basically the same thing with the Ajisen Ramen.

Chashu ramen P305. Basically the same thing with the Ajisen Ramen.

Next was FINALLY getting rid of my old theme and theme headers. Not only that, I also edited my About Me page, my side bars, my footers, and my customized menu! I must say, a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders when I did the “spring cleaning” of my blog. “Write Yourself Out There” was born properly, this time. To those who are bewildered by my title, this post will explain why I’ve chosen this particular set of words.

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

My display image...after like a billion shots ;)

My display image…after like a billion shots 😉

Then my hankering for steaks wormed it’s way into my blog. I just had to make another review of yet another good restaurant. Everything at Steak was a favorite to-go place for…everyone I know actually. So I don’t regret writing many good words about this one 🙂

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

Not even 24 hours later, I’ve created another post (yes, my hands are really itching to keep typing) to introduce the weekly and monthly features I’ve set up for this blog! I am really excited about this, and so I hope good things would come through this features 🙂

Credited to

Credited to


Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

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Creating New Features Weekly and Monthly


Credited to

Credited to


After staying up all night and finally getting some sleep this morning, I decided to create weekly and monthly features! I figured I needed a hook to commit myself to continuously produce content – even good content. So after listing down all my possible future blog posts ideas (that was a mouthful), I sorted them out to categories. Turns out, I have more possible content on food and personal posts!

So from now on, weekly features will have:

  • Thursday Secret – this will be about confessions, views on life and you know, the usual “secrets” one always have. 😉
  • Food Fridays – will look exactly like the reviews on the restaurants I have posted before. I’ve been trying out a lot of good places lately and I can’t wait to share it with you weekly!
  • Sunday Summary – will be about my weekly summaries. So to give my posts a longer shelf-life, I’ll blog about my after thoughts on my past entries and give short descriptions about them.
Credited to:

Credited to:

On the monthly features section, I wanted to tie myself to a huge responsibility I have been dodging around for years. Truth is, I have a long-term unfinished fiction novel. I’ve been meaning to work on it again, but never had the full commitment of even writing one chapter. So to do myself a favor, I’ll post a chapter here every month. And to further help me, I’m also going to read and review one book each month.

Monthly features will be:

  • Third Tuesday Tales –  The story is about a girl who couldn’t choose between twins that were separated at birth. (cliché, I know. But give it a chance!)
  • Second Saturday Book Reviews – I used to read about 3 books a week, it has now dwindled to one book a month, and even that’s a challenge. But I promise to keep this promise!

I’m also thinking about having a monthly Q&A with my readers and the community I’m hoping to be a part of. But do you think that’s already taking on too much? Or is it too early in the game to have a Q&A?

What are your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual features? 🙂


Thanks for reading,

Patricia xo

P.S. Got the idea from The Daily Post 🙂 Love their  Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, will try to make posts based on them soon!

All Steak Lovers – Everything at Steak (Banawe)

Among my list of favorite food, steak is definitely part of the top 3 contenders. This is why I am so glad a branch of Everything at Steak is in Banawe. Steak, with all its beefy glory, has always sat well with me and my family.


Everything at Steak, with its GREAT QUALITY STEAKS, has become one of our favorite restaurants. There was 1-2 months when I was still in high school that we even had this weekly thing called “Steak Fridays.” Either we cook some at home or we go eat at E.A.T. In most cases, we go straight to Banawe and head for Everything at Steak right after school. I’m talking about my family here. A family of 4 girls and our parents. All steak lovers.

But of course, I’ve been so used to this place it didn’t occur to me to blog about it. Not until Renz (who has steak as his No. 1 favorite food) mentioned it to me. 😉

This branch is not particularly big. It’s almost always full come lunch or dinnertime (opens at 11:30 am). So as usual, Renz and I come here between 2-5 pm to avoid the crowds. First thing you’ll notice upon entering is the yellow interior design. Yellow wall paint, creamy table colors, yellow placemats, and white metal chairs. The place could only seat 8-10 groups max. Give or take the number of people per group. In front, the parking space can only accommodate 4 cars. But you can always park across the street beside the sidewalk for free, the parking “guys” there allow it.



Another worthy reason why we love this place so much is the price. Where else could you get a great STEAK coupled with a cup of RICE and a choice of SIDE DISH for less than P300?! This place is truly a bargain. 🙂


I’m going to teach you how to order so you don’t miss out. First, choose your meat.

  • T-bone (love this one, but comes with fatty parts)
  • Rib-eye (what a great piece! Has no bone nor fats)
  • New York steak (tried it once, not that recommended)
  • Less-boned chicken (for those who are NOT looking for red meat)
  • Lamb choice (tried it once, didn’t sit well with me)

The T-bone and the Rib-eye steaks are your best bets. They are the ones usually preferred by the customers. 🙂


T-bone steak, with fat removed


Rib-eye steak

Next, and this is an important part, you have to specifically say how you prefer your steak cooked. Well done, medium well done, medium, medium rare, rare. I always go for the medium rare because I like it to have a red center and love how soft it is.

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

3rd, choose your side dish. There are about 18 side dishes to choose from. Here are my top 5:

  • Mac & Cheese – Ah, my childhood love ❤
  • Meatball pasta – bowl of pasta topped with one piece of meatball.
  • Coleslaw – for those trying to be “healthy” (HAHA)
  • Twice-baked potato – YUM!
  • 2 piece fried egg – mainly because it is acceptable for my dukan diet PP days.
Meatball Pasta

Meatball Pasta

Twice baked potato

Twice baked potato

2 piece fried egg

2 piece fried egg

4th, choose a type of rub/flavoring on your steak. New Orleans Rub or Original Marinade (both are good!)

5th, there are 5 choices of sauce. My top 3 are: Barbecue, Original Mushroom Gravy and Peppercorn Gravy.

And that’s how you order your steak dish!  Remember, be very specific!


They also offer other dishes such as salmon fillets and good burgers, if you opt not to go for steaks 🙂 Other dishes (which I promise to take pictures of next time I visit) are their appetizers (country squash soup, chicken wings etc.) and their desserts (shepherd’s pie, apple crumble pie etc.) are all recommendable!

But one outstanding appetizer we never miss out on every time we’re there is the Moo Fries. Its one of the best combination of delectable chili, sour cream sauce and crunchy fries! You have to try them!

Dear God, I hope whoever is reading this can reach out from their screen and taste this. ;)

Dear God, I hope whoever is reading this can reach out from their screen and taste this. 😉 P140-P150.

So there! I’ll update this post again next time we visit Everything at Steak 🙂 Some post-thoughts: Be really specific when ordering, I hope I have stressed this enough, now that I’m mentioning it for the 3rd time. The waitresses sometimes confuse whose order is whose especially when taking a lot of orders. This can destroy your experience, so be SPECIFIC! (4th time! lol). Also, the place is not that posh. It definitely needs some re-decorating again. But hey, if that doesn’t bother you, do visit them! Come for the food and I’m sure you’ll hardly notice the decorating 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

P.S. They used to play Friends (series) on their tv screens, one of the reason I came to love the show. So many happy memories in this place 🙂 I hope you can have good memories here, too!



Everything at Steak Family Steakhouse

Tripadvisor | Facebook Click the City


939 Banawe St., Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: 02 7262386

Store Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm

Write Yourself Out There

Just feeling excited and a bit triumphant here 🙂

I have managed to change my theme’s header, my About me page’s header, and my display image all in one day! That’s completing a photo shoot, editing the pictures, and cropping endlessly (because of my theme’s preferred pixel sizes) in just about 12 hours! Usually, it would take like 3 days because of my amateurish skills. So in honor of my new photographs, I made this post. Hope you approve of them as much as I do!  ❤

My display image...after like a billion shots ;)

My display image…after like a billion shots 😉

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

Well, this is for the About Me forgive and forget? :)

Well, this IS for the About Me page…so forgive and forget? 🙂


Oh, and just for the sake of it, I will explain my new blog name. My blog’s title is a twist on the cliché phrase “put yourself out there.” As it happens, I tackle a lot of things and try to grab a lot of chances in my life. All, except in the writing department. Even if I have loved creative writing my whole life, there was always something stopping me to keep working on it. Even if I really want nothing but to write my ideas into words, I keep it all inside until I forget about it. But keeping it inside, hurts. It really does. But as it turns out, it was my belief system that was making me procrastinate. This article really rings true. (The Real Reason Why You Can’t Write).

On this account, I am/will try to “write myself out there.” I am going to take risks in writing I have never done before. I am going to chase that dream one step at a time. I am going to sit here and drink coffee and type everything I want to put into words.

I. am. going. to. write.


Thanks for reading,

Patricia :*

P.S. I hope this kind of inspires you to chase your dreams too! ❤