It’s a Ramen kind of day – Ajisen Ramen (Sto. Domingo/Banawe)

Ahh, the ramen. One of the most famous staple food of the Japanese people. Next to the yogurt, milk tea, Belgian waffles and cronuts, the ramen has been making its way to many Filipino stomachs. Japanese Ramen is becoming quite a fad, not only to food enthusiasts, but to many business owners as well.

Of course, when it comes to culinary cultures, authenticity is very important. That’s why a lot of ramen “houses” has been sprouting all over the metro. Ajisen Ramen is the one of first ones within miles in the Sto. Domingo/Banawe area in Quezon City.


Wonder what this insightful inscription mean?

Wonder what this insightful inscription mean?

The place was spacious and it had a good ambiance about it. However, Renz and I always come at an afternoon time so its rare for us to chance upon the lunch or dinner crowd.



Upon being led to a table, a waitress will ask about your preference of tea. Whether you like it hot or cold. I’m not one for cold tea when trying to have authentic Asian food so I always go for the hot tea (or maybe its just the chinita in me lol).

❤  that its matcha tea.

❤ that its Matcha tea.

They offer a great deal of ramen choices and a wide range of different Japanese dishes. But between Renz and I, we could only order so much. Perhaps on our next visit 🙂

I hope their menu can provide you an idea of what to order here :)

I hope their menu can provide you an idea of what to order here 🙂

Now, for what every reader has been waiting for when reading food reviews; the actual food pics!

Ajisen Ramen P265. This is their signature ramen.

Ajisen Ramen P265. This is their signature ramen.

I found this to be very delicious because the soup was really rich. Though I added a little spice just to satiate my palate.

Chashu ramen P305. Basically the same thing with the Ajisen Ramen.

Chashu ramen P305. Basically the same thing with the Ajisen Ramen.

When you feel like your Ajisen Ramen is a bit lacking in the pork bbq department, then this is the bowl for you. It adds 4 more pork bbq topping.

Seafood Ramen P305. Feeling a bit heavy from all the red meat? Then its the seafood ramen for you!

Seafood Ramen P305. Feeling a bit heavy from all the red meat? Then its the seafood ramen for you!

The seafood ramen was good, but I found it to be a bit “malansa” for my taste. But the soup has a different taste from the Ajisen. So I’m thinking maybe it had a different soup base? Anyway, the soup saved the dish for me.

Beef Teppanyaki Ramen P395. Very goooood!

Beef Teppanyaki Ramen P395. Very goooood!

Renz declared this one to be the best of them all. Even though it didn’t have a lot of toppings except for the egg and the imported beef steak, this was definitely his favorite.

Kani Sarada P138. Appetizer to the ravenous.

Kani Sarada P138. Appetizer to the ravenous.

Their kani salad was nothing special, but if you want to have some appetizers first and would like to stick within a budget, then this is for you.

To summarize, yes. I would surely comeback to Ajisen Ramen! I want to try some of their other dishes and whatnot. Their ramen is one of the best I’ve tasted so far. Just thinking of their rich ajisen soup base and fresh noodles is making me salivate right now!

Only, try to come when there’s fewer people because they can be quite understaffed. When we were in the middle of the meal, about 3-4 more groups of people came in and they only had about 2 waitresses working. Their prices are quite high though reasonable, so if you want to stay within a budget, keep in mind that they also have service charge.


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Ajisen Ramen (Sto. Domingo/Banawe)

Website | Facebook | Twitter


43 Tirad Pass cor. Sto. Domingo St.

Sto. Domingo Avenue, Quezon City
354 – 9235
Store Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 11 AM – 9:30 PM
Friday – Saturday: 11 AM–10:30 PM

Peanut Butter Nutella or Green Bell Peppers & Meatballs? – Project Pie (Bluebay Walk)

There has been a much going hype around an international pizza chain that has landed in the Philippines just recently. Of course, I’m talking about Project Pie (know all about it here –

Obviously, its a huge success because branches of Project Pie has since been popping up in the metro. And so I thanked God when finally, a branch opened up somewhat nearer home.

Project Pie in Bluebay Walk – when we visited Bluebay Walk it was turning out to be a definite food destination, so we HAD TO try at least 2 different restos at a time. With this visit, we went for Hotstar (review next time!) and Project Pie. Trying out Project Pie was A MUST. I mean, where else could you get a pizza with unlimited toppings for only P285?! My mind kept telling me that I must simply check out this incredible bargain.

We arrived at about 3 to 4 pm on a friday, not the typical mealtime so to avoid the rush hours. Imagine my surprise when there were about 30 people inside waiting in line! #reallypopular  (I guessed those branches are not popping up fast enough lol).

Their interior design is really nice and minimalist. :)

Their interior design is really nice and minimalist. 🙂

See those people in line? I was like number 31 :O

See those people in line? I was like number 31 :O

Obligatory selfie for the date ;)

Obligatory selfie for the date 😉

You will also be greeted by a server-girl who will explain the mechanics of how to order. She was repeating her whole easy-going speech to each person or group standing in line. Wew! What a job! But she still felt really friendly to me even though a lot of people definitely asked her a lot of questions (good service) 😉

What pulls the crowd to such a place is not only the nice interior or the friendly staff, because it definitely has something to do with the innovative way of having a create-your-own-pizza experience with unlimited toppings for only P285!

They also offer pizzas that aren't made to order, but nothing goes way beyond your budget of P285 :)

They also offer pizzas that aren’t made to order, but nothing goes way beyond your budget of P285 🙂

Salads and their distinctive, extraordinary pizza toppings!

Salads and their distinctive, extraordinary pizza toppings!

Here's what I'm talking about! Any unli toppings I want!

Here’s what I’m talking about! Any unli toppings I want!

Just imagine not having to be so conventional with your pizzas. No more of the manager’s choice or just the pepperoni or the pineapple WITH ham only. This time you could have all of them! Plus the luxury of adding moooore!

Renz's pizza. He was a bit pressured to go all the way with his toppings because I was prodding him to hurry up :D

Renz’s pizza. He was a bit pressured to go all the way with his toppings because I was prodding him to hurry up 😀 P285.

Mine <3. I came prepared and had all the toppings I wanted. But I was kind of shy to ask for more because the long line is a pressure to bear with. You have to say everything fast and concise when you have about 20 more people behind you, waiting in line.

Mine <3. I came prepared and had all the toppings I wanted. But I was kind of shy to ask for more because the long line is a pressure to bear with. You have to say everything fast and concise when you have about 20 more people behind you, waiting in line. P285

Drinks can be refilled once or twice with any drink you want. Except the alcoholic ones.

Drinks can be refilled once or twice with any drink you want. Except the alcoholic ones. P65.

All in all, our experience was good. The pizzas tasted great because they were freshly baked and our choice of toppings really went well. But then again, the taste of your pizza depends on you. So make sure you’ve trained your palate really well! The only let down was the looong line. We stood in line for about 30 mins and waited another 15 mins for our pizzas to cook. My advice, don’t come when you think its already near lunch or dinner time. When you have a short patience and can’t bear to wait? Definitely don’t come on the weekends either.



But its definitely, definitely worth a try! Don’t miss out just because you can’t wait! Bring some friends and swap with each other when waiting in line! 😉 Makes it more fun and exciting lol 😀

Thanks for reading!

Patricia :*


Project Pie (Bluebay Walk)

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Location: G/F Bluebay Walk, EDSA cor. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.,

Moa Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila.

Store hours: 10am to 11pm


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…And its October 2.

Wow. I honestly can’t feel the day. Well, except for the fact that I’m not really writing this on the exact date and I’m just publishing it on October 2, I really can’t feel my age. I know I’m getting old. And I know there’s a hell lot of responsibility now that I’m considered legal-legal. Which is over legal already. I’ve passed 18 and now I’m passing the 2nd mark of age in being legal. Ok, I’m legal. Enough of that word already. On the bright and not heavily burdened side, I have acquired more freedom. I know I have acquired it because the only reason I tell my parents where I’m going now is not because I’m asking for their permission, its only because so they can know where I am. Whether they say no or not, I will always find a way to reassure them that I can go by myself and I’m a grown up now.

Anywaaaaaay, its my birthday! I don’t wanna say my age since I still don’t feel like my age. Maybe in two months or so. When I’ve pretty much get used to writing/adding another year of my age on paper, that’s when I’ll start changing my stats too. Another thing, I’m not expecting anything for today. This is because I’ve learned a long time before NOT to expect anything on your birthday (This is good advice for those kiddos out there). The trick is, don’t expect anything. Don’t even give out hints. Just be happy with whatever they give you and you will be happy. Instead of expecting something you really want as a gift, and getting disappointed when they surprise you with the wrong thing in the end. Isn’t it better to buy what you want yourself than try to mask your disappointed face when they give you socks or something?

Today was a huge celebration for my tummy. Since it’s a Wednesday, and Renz and I usually spend our lunches together on MW scheds this term, we had time to have a little celebration of my birthday on the day itself. I tried not to eat too much since I know my family and I are going to a buffet later on, but with Renz, you just couldn’t help not to eat with him. We ate at Kenny Rogers Vito Cruz Branch. I decided to have some yogurt and corn muffins but Renz just had to order quesadillas and main dishes. He really wanted to celebrate with me. Look, he even wore red and something formal just because!

Photo 10-2-13, 5 00 51 PM

How cute is he? ❤

After that, my dad fetched my sister, Pauline, and I in DLSU (Yay, no LRT rides on my birthday!). We also fetched my other sister, Justine, in UST and headed to Vikings North Edsa to meet up with my mom and my youngest sister, Angeline. For the review of Vikings Luxury Buffet I’ve made before, click here. 🙂

buffet day

I really prepared for this day. I made the reservations and we got the nice seats at last. We were six in all and we got the seats near the window and near the dessert buffet tables.

Introducing my family:

Photo 10-2-13, 8 13 45 PM

From the left: Pauline, Mom, Angeline, Me, Justine, Dad.

Photo 10-2-13, 7 57 04 PM

With my sister, Pauline. We look alike, dont we?

Photo 10-2-13, 7 59 59 PM

With my youngest, baby sister: Angeline. Can you believe she’s only 12?! :O

Photo 10-2-13, 8 08 26 PM

Justine and my mom 🙂

Photo 10-2-13, 7 52 15 PM

I love my sisters ❤

After we have filled our stomachs to the brim, the waiters made me wear this stupid Viking hat and sang me the birthday song. I felt silly, especially when Justine caught it on cam. But it was funny! I actually laugh because one of the waiters had some awesome dance moves but it was coupled with lame singing. I didn’t expect to receive a cake (duh!) I’m too old for that. So it was a good thing Vikings gave me a complimentary one.

Photo 10-2-13, 7 18 27 PM

My birthday cake 🙂

Oh it was a good day, a very splendid day in fact. I really enjoyed being with the people I loved the most. The experience was worth cherishing and I’m happy I spend it with my family. My mom even surprised me with another chocolate birthday cake she bought that morning! That, I was not expecting at all. I wouldn’t change anything about this day. Just knowing that I spent a good day, my birthday, with my family is good enough for me. See, its rare for us to do something like these nowadays. Now that we’re almost all grown-ups and we all have our own things going on, its such a rare sight that we are all together in one picture. I am slowly running out of these kinds of celebrations so I’m happy that I’m recording about one now.

Thank you for reading!

Patricia :*

Spa Day with Yanna and Nami

2nd dayAs per my plan for this week’s birthday celebration, I was supposed to treat them to Ace Water Spa for my birthday. But due to some conflicting schedule with Nami, that didn’t went through. Instead, we decided to use our coupons we bought last summer to go Mont Albo Spa in Pedro Gil. We got the coupon for P250 pesos and it includes a 75-min massage with some great oils. When we got there we were offered the bentosa package that would go great with our treatment for only an additional of +P80. The spa was beautiful and for such a good bargain, we really got to relax and unwind. We were placed in a room that felt like we were getting massage by the beach with its indoor interior looking like nipa huts. I fell asleep for quite sometime too. They have good masseuse and wonderful ambiance. 


After that, we went to look for a place to eat. Right beside the massage place was Ersao. Nami and Yanna haven’t tried Ersao before so I gladly introduce them to the snack place I’ve known since I was in Grade 3. Fortunately, they liked it very much! They tried the spicy chicken, squid and the fried tofu. For drinks, they had the ripe mango shake and the pearl milk tea. I heard they’re actually going to open up a branch near DLSU. I hope that comes soon enough and before I graduate!


All in all, I had a great time with my college friends. I couldn’t have ask for anything else with the time I spend with them. We started being close with each other just last summer and it has been going great ever since. Plus, they are my thesismates and the best friends one would hope for in their last year of college. 🙂

Photo 9-19-13, 10 17 14 AM

From left: Me, Nami and Yanna ❤

Photo 9-19-13, 10 18 53 AM

From top then left: Yanna, Me and Nami ❤


Thanks for reading!

Patricia :*

Had a lovely day ❤

1st dayAccording to plan, today is the start of my birthday week celebration. Of course, I’m going to spend it with my boyfriend.

I actually haven’t seen Renz for quite sometime because of our busy schedules. I definitely missed him during this time apart, so I’m really grateful we had this day to ourselves. I’ve never told Renz this before, but he’s my constant drug. Without him, I have a feeling that my scales – my balance – in life would flip. I can handle a lot of things on my own. Heck, I even choose not talk to him whenever I have huge exams to take on or my priorities are piling up. But just knowing that after all those hardships, there is someone who I can lean on, someone who will always be okay with that and who will always understand me, makes me feel all is right with the world.

Today was just another of our typical dates. It was short and we spend our time together pigging out and telling each other our past week. But it was the right kind of Renz vitamin I needed. I have this deprivation that was quenched and I knew my birthday week started out great. ( I hope all couples feel something like this from time to time, and I’m not the only weird one here 🙂 ).

Photo 9-29-13, 5 10 48 PM

Everything at Steak Menu

So as usual, we went to our favorite places. This is a very special week so I dropped my diet routine and tried to hit the food places I would normally pry myself away from. Yes, this is the week I’m going to indulge myself with food. 🙂

Our first stop was Everything at Steak, as I promised before, I’m going to review the restaurant in my next upcoming posts. I took all the necessary pictures and soon, after you’ve read it, you’re going to enjoy it as much as we always do.


Our next stop was Gong Cha Tea House. Ohmygod. This place has best wintermelon rock salt and cheese milk tea I have ever tasted. We frequent this place in their Retiro branch. What I love about the milk tea is the premium Rock Salk and Cheese on top of the Wintermelon Tea. You can really taste the money you’re paying for and the creaminess of the milk and cheese, of course. (P95) Their house special is primed for its delicious goodness. So whenever you’re near a Gong Cha branch, NEVER forget to order their House Special Wintermelon Rock Salt and Cheese Tea!

Now this is what I'm talking about. Make sure to get that premium rock salt and cheese on top!

Now this is what I’m talking about. Make sure to get that premium rock salt and cheese on top!

For the rest of the day, we also went to Dezaato Pan to have some of their famous Green Tea gelato ice cream and lattes. Unfortunately, I left my phone in the car and forgot to take pictures. Sue me for having too much fun with Renz and being on a clear cloud 9 for once :). Anyway, we had this song on replay the whole time. It became a theme song and one of our favorites.

I would never change him and I love him just the way he is. ❤

Thanks for reading!

Patricia :*

UPDATE: Here’s my review on Everything at Steak!