Sunday Summary of Food Reviews and Spring Cleaning Blogs.

I’ve hope to make a mark on a good comeback. This week, I have unlocked a new achievement as I have posted 5 times, more than I have ever did (in a week) since I started this blog. And for me, that’s a BIG step towards my goal of “writing myself out there.”

Last Monday, I began my comeback with a review of the pizza chain, Project Pie, and its innovative way of serving customers something new and different with every order. Check it out to find out how!

Mine <3. I came prepared and had all the toppings I wanted. But I was kind of shy to ask for more because the long line is a pressure to bear with. You have to say everything fast and concise when you have about 20 more people behind you, waiting in line.

Mine <3. I came prepared and had all the toppings I wanted. But I was kind of shy to ask for more because the long line is a pressure to bear with. You have to say everything fast and concise when you have about 20 more people behind you, waiting in line.

2 days later, I reviewed Ajisen Ramen, my first take into the domain of the ramen-addicts, and it turned out really gooood. I wonder if this sudden urge of mine to try as many ramen houses is good for my health?

Chashu ramen P305. Basically the same thing with the Ajisen Ramen.

Chashu ramen P305. Basically the same thing with the Ajisen Ramen.

Next was FINALLY getting rid of my old theme and theme headers. Not only that, I also edited my About Me page, my side bars, my footers, and my customized menu! I must say, a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders when I did the “spring cleaning” of my blog. “Write Yourself Out There” was born properly, this time. To those who are bewildered by my title, this post will explain why I’ve chosen this particular set of words.

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

Can you believe this was an accidental shot?!

My display image...after like a billion shots ;)

My display image…after like a billion shots 😉

Then my hankering for steaks wormed it’s way into my blog. I just had to make another review of yet another good restaurant. Everything at Steak was a favorite to-go place for…everyone I know actually. So I don’t regret writing many good words about this one 🙂

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

Not even 24 hours later, I’ve created another post (yes, my hands are really itching to keep typing) to introduce the weekly and monthly features I’ve set up for this blog! I am really excited about this, and so I hope good things would come through this features 🙂

Credited to

Credited to


Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

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All Steak Lovers – Everything at Steak (Banawe)

Among my list of favorite food, steak is definitely part of the top 3 contenders. This is why I am so glad a branch of Everything at Steak is in Banawe. Steak, with all its beefy glory, has always sat well with me and my family.


Everything at Steak, with its GREAT QUALITY STEAKS, has become one of our favorite restaurants. There was 1-2 months when I was still in high school that we even had this weekly thing called “Steak Fridays.” Either we cook some at home or we go eat at E.A.T. In most cases, we go straight to Banawe and head for Everything at Steak right after school. I’m talking about my family here. A family of 4 girls and our parents. All steak lovers.

But of course, I’ve been so used to this place it didn’t occur to me to blog about it. Not until Renz (who has steak as his No. 1 favorite food) mentioned it to me. 😉

This branch is not particularly big. It’s almost always full come lunch or dinnertime (opens at 11:30 am). So as usual, Renz and I come here between 2-5 pm to avoid the crowds. First thing you’ll notice upon entering is the yellow interior design. Yellow wall paint, creamy table colors, yellow placemats, and white metal chairs. The place could only seat 8-10 groups max. Give or take the number of people per group. In front, the parking space can only accommodate 4 cars. But you can always park across the street beside the sidewalk for free, the parking “guys” there allow it.



Another worthy reason why we love this place so much is the price. Where else could you get a great STEAK coupled with a cup of RICE and a choice of SIDE DISH for less than P300?! This place is truly a bargain. 🙂


I’m going to teach you how to order so you don’t miss out. First, choose your meat.

  • T-bone (love this one, but comes with fatty parts)
  • Rib-eye (what a great piece! Has no bone nor fats)
  • New York steak (tried it once, not that recommended)
  • Less-boned chicken (for those who are NOT looking for red meat)
  • Lamb choice (tried it once, didn’t sit well with me)

The T-bone and the Rib-eye steaks are your best bets. They are the ones usually preferred by the customers. 🙂


T-bone steak, with fat removed


Rib-eye steak

Next, and this is an important part, you have to specifically say how you prefer your steak cooked. Well done, medium well done, medium, medium rare, rare. I always go for the medium rare because I like it to have a red center and love how soft it is.

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

Medium rare. Brown on the outside, red on the center.

3rd, choose your side dish. There are about 18 side dishes to choose from. Here are my top 5:

  • Mac & Cheese – Ah, my childhood love ❤
  • Meatball pasta – bowl of pasta topped with one piece of meatball.
  • Coleslaw – for those trying to be “healthy” (HAHA)
  • Twice-baked potato – YUM!
  • 2 piece fried egg – mainly because it is acceptable for my dukan diet PP days.
Meatball Pasta

Meatball Pasta

Twice baked potato

Twice baked potato

2 piece fried egg

2 piece fried egg

4th, choose a type of rub/flavoring on your steak. New Orleans Rub or Original Marinade (both are good!)

5th, there are 5 choices of sauce. My top 3 are: Barbecue, Original Mushroom Gravy and Peppercorn Gravy.

And that’s how you order your steak dish!  Remember, be very specific!


They also offer other dishes such as salmon fillets and good burgers, if you opt not to go for steaks 🙂 Other dishes (which I promise to take pictures of next time I visit) are their appetizers (country squash soup, chicken wings etc.) and their desserts (shepherd’s pie, apple crumble pie etc.) are all recommendable!

But one outstanding appetizer we never miss out on every time we’re there is the Moo Fries. Its one of the best combination of delectable chili, sour cream sauce and crunchy fries! You have to try them!

Dear God, I hope whoever is reading this can reach out from their screen and taste this. ;)

Dear God, I hope whoever is reading this can reach out from their screen and taste this. 😉 P140-P150.

So there! I’ll update this post again next time we visit Everything at Steak 🙂 Some post-thoughts: Be really specific when ordering, I hope I have stressed this enough, now that I’m mentioning it for the 3rd time. The waitresses sometimes confuse whose order is whose especially when taking a lot of orders. This can destroy your experience, so be SPECIFIC! (4th time! lol). Also, the place is not that posh. It definitely needs some re-decorating again. But hey, if that doesn’t bother you, do visit them! Come for the food and I’m sure you’ll hardly notice the decorating 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Patricia xo

P.S. They used to play Friends (series) on their tv screens, one of the reason I came to love the show. So many happy memories in this place 🙂 I hope you can have good memories here, too!



Everything at Steak Family Steakhouse

Tripadvisor | Facebook Click the City


939 Banawe St., Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: 02 7262386

Store Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm

Attempt at Creative Cooking

    I never really learned how to cook. At 9 years old, after my fat little fingers got curious about certain recipes I read in books and online, I finally switched on my cooking abilities. I guess cooking runs in the family as my mom is a good chef and my dad can also muster some great dinner courses at times. But what really got me started was my urge to create something I can eat. (A double-edged sword to my diet.) When asked what my specialty is, I always answer with, ” Anything.” I believe when I have the recipe, it’s just a one way street from getting the ingredients and making/cooking the dish. I’m not saying everything I make is super-awesome. Cooking is a skill and skills need practice. I haven’t totally honed mine, but I’m bent on trying!

Last Monday, it was Renz’s birthday. I got the idea to surprise him with a special bento box when I realized I can’t give him something I want him to have. I need to give him something I’m sure HE wants. Think like Renz, I told myself. And…

 Voila, food!

When Renz visited my house last February and I made him some tacos and burgers, I remember him raving about how good they were. With that in mind, I knew he would love what I was about to give him. Not just any dish, but dishes I’ve toiled and slaved for hours. He would really appreciate the effort. So the Sunday before, I went grocery shopping for his birthday surprise, finally, I’ve concocted these dishes.

Let’s start with the appetizer, this is called a spamu.

Got the idea from people selling this at the school canteen.

Got the idea from people selling this at the school canteen.

Its made from a sliced spam cut with spicy, oyster sauce rub, it sits on japanese rice formed in a spam shaped cylinder. In the middle, the filling (and the reason they stick together) is made of egg bits on some sweet sauce spread. Covered with a thick sheet of nori.

My first bento box out of four.

My first try on making a bento box EVER! 🙂

Initially, I wanted to make it say, ‘Happy Birthday, Renz!’ But cutting nori is no easy task! They get soggy too easily and don’t maintain their crispness once aired out. Ingredients include, from top left to bottom left: lettuce leaves, ham bits, sticky japanese rice, nori lettering. From top right to bottom right: Sautéed onions, egg rolls with stuffed parsley and cream cheese, sausage sushi, octodog (hotdog made to look like small octopi) and heart-shaped dyed egg (coloring is slightly pink).

Photo 9-2-13, 7 17 32 AM

I had to put ‘I ❤ U!’ somewhere, right?

The reason I placed a lot of my egg rolls is because they are…totally delicious! I can really vouched for this. The tamago I made partnered with the stuffed creamed parsley makes the rolls burst with flavor with every bite. I made 2 rolls of these, but I only included one because I couldn’t help eating them as I make more! Try them, tamago with stuffed creamed parsley. I just melted off some cream cheese and mashed the parsley with it. Rolled in nori sheets afterwards.

Photo 9-2-13, 7 17 45 AM

Some healthy desserts for the birthday boy.

Seedless grapes and mandarin oranges for desserts! He really wants to be more healthy and physically oriented nowadays. Gym much? 🙂

Photo 9-2-13, 7 17 57 AM

Some of his favorite treats when we were secretly eating in class (tao-chia) back in 4th yr HS, 2009-2010.

From top left to bottom: Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate bar, Chips Ahoy mini bites, and Pillows. Strewn with Nagaraya nuts for that sweet and salty taste.

Photo 9-2-13, 7 12 31 PM

These are my special tacos ❤

They are not hard to make actually. I started doing this when I was about 12 or 13. I liked the idea of introducing different cuisines into our household. I made a batch of these for his family. I figure I couldn’t just come up on their front steps empty-handed for his relatives. {As of this post, I heard that they loved it. SUCCESS!}

The tacos were made in the wee hours of the morning of his birthday because the taco shells tend to be soggy after being exposed to the heat of the newly cooked ingredients. Of course, they had to be consumed immediately. With this excuse, I made the special delivery and stepped into his house for the first time! But that’s another story, this post is getting too long. 🙂

So this comprises my surprise gift to Renz on his 20th birthday, its gonna be hard to top this one again next year! I only wish I could attempt another creative something by that time. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,

Patricia :*