Had a lovely day β€

1st dayAccording to plan, today is the start of my birthday week celebration. Of course, I’m going to spend it with my boyfriend.

I actually haven’t seen Renz for quite sometimeΒ because of our busy schedules. I definitely missed him during this time apart, so I’m really grateful we had this day to ourselves. I’ve never told Renz this before, but he’s my constant drug. Without him, I have a feeling that my scales – my balance – in life would flip. I can handle a lot of things on my own. Heck, I even choose not talk to him whenever I have huge exams to take on or my priorities are piling up. But just knowing that after all those hardships, there is someone who I can lean on, someone who will always be okay with that and who will always understand me, makes me feel all is right with the world.

Today was just another of our typical dates. It was short and we spend our time together pigging out and telling each other our past week. But it was the right kind of Renz vitamin I needed. I have this deprivation that was quenched and I knew my birthday week started out great. ( I hope all couples feel something like this from time to time, and I’m not the only weird one here πŸ™‚ ).

Photo 9-29-13, 5 10 48 PM

Everything at Steak Menu

So as usual, we went to our favorite places. This is a very special week so I dropped my diet routine and tried to hit the food places I would normally pry myself away from. Yes, this is the week I’m going to indulge myself with food. πŸ™‚

Our first stop was Everything at Steak, as I promised before, I’m going to review the restaurant in my next upcoming posts. I took all the necessary pictures and soon, after you’ve read it, you’re going to enjoy it as much as we always do.


Our next stop was Gong Cha Tea House. Ohmygod. This place has best wintermelon rock salt and cheese milk tea I have ever tasted. We frequent this place in their Retiro branch. What I love about the milk tea is the premium Rock Salk and Cheese on top of the Wintermelon Tea. You can really taste the money you’re paying for and the creaminess of the milk and cheese, of course. (P95) Their house special is primed for its delicious goodness. So whenever you’re near a Gong Cha branch, NEVER forget to order their House Special Wintermelon Rock Salt and Cheese Tea!

Now this is what I'm talking about. Make sure to get that premium rock salt and cheese on top!

Now this is what I’m talking about. Make sure to get that premium rock salt and cheese on top!

For the rest of the day, we also went to Dezaato Pan to have some of their famous Green Tea gelato ice cream and lattes. Unfortunately, I left my phone in the car and forgot to take pictures. Sue me for having too much fun with Renz and being on a clear cloud 9 for once :). Anyway, we had this song on replay the whole time. It became a theme song and one of our favorites.

I would never change him and I love him just the way he is. ❀

Thanks for reading!

Patricia :*

UPDATE: Here’s my review on Everything at Steak!


Sunday Dates

Ahh, what I coincidence! I am now writing this on a Sunday morning. Well, if you consider 4:30 am to be ‘morning.’ I couldn’t sleep and so I decided to write something about Sundays. Recently, Renz and I had a lot of Sunday dates. These past few weeks, ever since he got the permission to drive alone, he has been picking me up at home and taking me out almost every week. You could say this might be a major advancement in our relationship. We used to have a hard time setting up dates cause both of us are lazy asses when it comes to commuting around the city, or just to the nearest mall. We used to have at least one date every two months or so. So yeah, going out every sunday for the past month is definitely a major thing.

This was the first time Renz picked me up from school, we’re on the way to my house.

I got a picture of his first time to fetch me! :)

I got a picture of his first time to fetch me! πŸ™‚

When the weekend came, that Sunday was particularly like this one. Rainy, cloudy and non-stop downpour. But that didn’t stop Renz from picking me up from my house and driving down to Banawe. Unfortunately, I remember that was the weekend before all those suspension of classes last August. It was raining so hard we couldn’t see the road anymore. When we saw Tea Rock had empty parking spaces, I suggested we go there while we wait for the rain to stop.

tea rock

This was our first time in Tea Rock. We pass by the place most of the time but its always fully packed, and its really hard to find a place to park.


Can you guess which one is mine? πŸ™‚

They offer a variety of milk teas and some dishes that looks quite good. However, we only got the chance to order drinks because we just came from Everything at Steak at the time. Even if the rain kind of dampened on our parade, this date was remarkably memorable to me. It was the first time Renz picked me up from my house and drove me home after that. πŸ™‚

That following Sunday, Renz arrogantly called me up again and said he wanted to eat lunch outside. HAHA. So I suggested Cafe Monaco and 20 minutes later, he’s on my porch steps.

Photo 8-12-13, 5 54 25 PM

We looooove the food in Cafe Monaco, it’s been one of our favorite places to eat ever since. It’s a quaint little cafe near the corner of Banawe and Retiro St. We have been going there ever since high school, especially me. I discovered this place with my best friends. πŸ™‚

The next Sunday, it was me who had a hankering for food. I remembered this was the weekend before hell week (the week were all the profs cram every quiz, every lesson in mind so to ‘prepare’ us for the finals). My mind was going crazy from all the papers I had to write (7) and all the trigbio (trigonometry for bio majors) I had to memorize. Here comes Renz to the rescue.

Photo 8-18-13, 3 24 10 PM


Photo 8-18-13, 5 10 59 PM

Banawe’s newly built Ersao.

Ok, since we both hailed from the same high school, we both had the same liking for this place called Ersao. Ersao started as a little food stall in our school’s village and it grew to the enterprise it is now. So when a franchised store opened in Banawe, it became our hang out place. Mostly because, it’s the only tea place that offers that green tea beverage I’m drinking. (No sugar!)


My nerd shot.

And this is the week before finals. Gahh look at those eye bags! We went to Krispy Kreme, where I cheated off my diet. We also had dinner with half of his family that night. I really didn’t expect that turnaround at all, but I definitely had fun and learned a lot of things about Renz from his mom. πŸ™‚

Photo 9-14-13, 12 09 00 AM

Just this week πŸ™‚

Just this Friday, after my meeting with an event committee, Renz informed me that he wasn’t able to go to the gym. Instead, he wanted to go out for some steaks. Oh, growing boys and their stomachs. πŸ˜€ So we went to Everything at Steak. This resto offers, as of this post and to my knowledge, the most affordable steaks in town. Its even coupled with side dishes!

Anyway, next time I’m going to make a comprehensive review and blog about these restos. We go to these places so often, I’m not used to taking pictures of places I’ve been to anymore. πŸ™‚

The reason I made this post is because I need more date ideas! All we do is eat or watch movies, we certainly have to mix things up. What can be a good and easy way to make a date fun? :*

Thanks for reading,

Patricia :*

Places we went to: Tea Rock, Cafe Monaco, Ersao, Krispy Kreme, Everything at Steak.